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Some of us might have heard this band or even seen their sets on artsy event stages. Nosstress didn’t feel any stress on not picking a genre that Bali kids usually do, they do acoustic, folk, pop, and even some deep blues thrown in for good measure. Let’s take a deeper view of the new band.

Ok this might be a boring question for you. Is ‘Nosstress’ derived from ‘no stress’ or you just have another meaning from the name?

Yes, it was, but one day we thought about making it in one word to be more simple and cool, then we add “s” and it becomes Nosstress and surprisingly we just knew that Nos in Spanish means “us”. So Nosstress means “our stress”! haha (please don’t take it too seriously)

Why acoustic, folk, and blues? Other kids in Bali play rock, electronic and such.
When we were in high school, we once played rock, even punk, but at that time Nosstress didn’t exist yet, we still did our own thing separately. Lately we’ve been feeling that our community has given us a lot of influences in our music. The last few years we’ve been hanging out with community and friends who have the same taste in music, so without us knowing, they’ve been brainwashing us.

You just released your new album. Tell us about the process of making it?
All of our songs are recorded at Antida Studio; we have been doing this album since October 2010, then we took a break for a couple of months and finally got it done in the middle of 2011. All of our first album was a learning process, knowing that it was the first time we ever entered a recording studio, it was all confusing, we didn’t even know guitar tuning, haha… this process had become our foundation.

Out of all the Nosstress members, which one has the craziest behavior and what is it?
Man Angga, he’s the most serious and stubborn but at the same time hillarious. He’s a serious comedian.

Imagine if music is a religion, who would you think would be the high priest in Bali?
None, maybe we have to make an audition for that, hehe.

To make music, is alcohol really important in the process?

I don’t think so. All songs that we’ve created are born without alcohol. We can’t control the instruments or vocals if we’re drunk, it’s even difficult for making lyrics. Before performing on stage, we only drink a small bottle of beer, just to refresh our mind, not much. Alcohol is not necessarily important, but it’s fun.

Nosstress in three or five years, how would it be like?

Mustaches and beards, new guitars and surely new fans. Hehe.

You guys seem to be conscientious about the environment. Tell us about that.
The environment has become worse and worse, we should realize it and fix it. We don’t want to dream too far, just start it from ourselves and our surroundings. For this environmental problem, which is very complex, we think that the government should take part and work harder, and the most important thing is to be “serious”. People in this case just have to be guided.

Website/ contacts?
Contact : 085936104744 ( Nyoman Anggur )

Interview by Dedi Kristian

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